Which is the best biryani franchise in India in 2024?

For 2024, if you're looking for low-investment Biryani franchises in India, here are some options to consider:

  1. Biryani By Kilo (BBK)
  • Investment:Starts from ₹15-20 lakhs
  • Features:Well-established brand, unique concept of biryani cooked in individual handis, strong support system including training and supply chain management.
  1. Behrouz Biryani
  • Investment:Around ₹10-15 lakhs
  • Features:Known for its rich flavours and royal branding, it provides marketing and operational support and a strong online presence.
  1. Ammi’s Biryani
  • Investment:Starts from ₹ ten lakhs
  • Features:Popular in several cities, offers support in training, supply chain, and marketing.
  1. Biryani Blues
  • Investment:Approximately ₹12-20 lakhs
  • Features:A growing brand with a good customer base, provides extensive training, marketing, and operational support.
  1. Kolkata Biryani House
  • Investment:Around ₹10-15 lakhs
  • Features:Focuses on authentic Kolkata-style biryani and offers training, marketing, and operational support.
  1. Hyderabad Biryani House
  • Investment:₹10-12 lakhs
  • Features:It specializes in Hyderabadi-style biryani and provides training and support in setting up the business.
  1. Biryaaniwala
  • Investment:No Franchise Fee. No Royalty. Lifetime License. Approximate ₹ 8 Lakh Investment.
  • Features: Hyderabadi Biryani, Barbecue Kebabs, Charcoal Shawarma, Complete chef support.

When considering a franchise, Biryaaniwala is the best option if you plan to start a successful restaurant journey. Also, the investment is less than any other franchise offering in the market. 

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